Jim's Cafe - Tuesday 20th February

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Um just so everyone knows, it's not even close to my birthday! LOL @ Inno....and yes, Matty, you are the ONLY one who doesn't know ...love ya lots! :p @walkerbait95 ...btw check your inbox.


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A poem is a waffle or muffin
A Sunnyside friend
A happy invite and the smile of course
A very needed distraction from a world to set aside -
Get it out of the way - let me open my eyes
And here it is I bring you the Real World
Its hiding somewhere in these lines


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@Innocent Forever thanks for the invite.

Tuesday felt like Monday all over again. Looks to be another week of Monday's. I'm here in the café hoping that I can sit and relax and wait out the week. Hope you all are having a good day.
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