Jim's Cafe - Tuesday 20th February

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Innocent Forever

Go as long as you can. And then take another step.
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'morning all
How are you today
We're doing fine
Hope some sun comes your way

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Welcome to today's cafe.
please bring along the world :)

Today I should go in for a work meeting, may miss it, will see how good/bad I am (because there was a school performance last night the students start late, instead there are staff meetings which I'm thinking of missing and having the morning off), have afternoon work. Hey, I spoke to my SENCO yesterday about 2 of the children I teach. Was the best thing to do. So grateful. She came to observe one, and needed to speak to her about that child and another child.

I roasted peppers in the oven last night
Cut them up into thin slices, put on a tray, sprinkled oil and salt and water and put it in the oven.
When I had it last night it was good, but the rest (if it didn't burn) is for dinner today.
Here goes for you all:
Really I sliced them first, but you can have them whole :)

Innocent Forever

Go as long as you can. And then take another step.
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to all our SF birthdays, I think Inno said @JacsMom @Daíthí and @Ash600 (if its your day consider yourself congratulated)!

and let's not forget the toasts

and for the rest of us a big cup of coffee to get going:

Hope everyone has a decent day, please drop us a line in the thread and let us know what you are up to, especially our most special birthday peeps.


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hi, Innocent Forever :) thank you for opening the cafe. and for the tag ~

i'm gonna stop by, just for a while. i need to go to the barber, go eat a lot. today, i got lotsa trouble also @.@ my, it's a hectic day

"peace" (feb 20th photo ch.) and love to everyone in the SF family ~
Hey @Innocent Forever i will offer this music video.I'm anxious and depressed today but i will try to make a productive day.there's this therapeutic book i bought "life loves you" i read few pages...I'll read it more.there's a sentence that caught my eye 'love is our real nature' if everyone knew this...well i wish great day for all of you and a lot of love.love isn't just in a romantic relationship. It can be between friends and...even love to a movie or series(yeap its possible i loved a series more than anything)


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Oopss.. I posted it too early I wanted to say more things sorry
Thanks for inviting me @Innocent Forever
Today is a rainy day so i dont like it at allll☂.. If i hadn't a biology lesson today morning I wouldn't even get out of bed..funny thing is that as soon as I came home it stopped raining..weather doesn't like me obviously ..the only thing I like about the rain is the rainbow afterwards hehe
But anyway..a chocolate muffin can always make the day better
I hope everyone will have a good positive day
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