Life is a resource, don't waste it.

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    I have always found that bringing someone though the path you took to reach knowledge or wisdom makes it that much easier to understand its full meaning, so I hope you dont mind if I take the long way around.

    Back in university I became very depressed and continually tried to get the most out of life despite diminishing returns, eventually I realized I didn't want to live anymore, I wanted it to be over because no matter how much I tried I was never happy anymore, quite the opposite, it was at this time that I shed a lot of the things that many people see as special and important that I have actually come to see a burdens.

    One such notion I shed at that time was the idea that life was somehow a precious and unique thing to experience, a gift we all receive and should cherish, this is nonsense, I have come to realize that life is far more basic than this, life is a resource, just like a computer or money or food, life has a value based on the amount of change it can effect whilst it lasts, and we USE this resource to build our experience, THAT is the important distinction here, life is not the experience, just the resource, so if the experience is not worth having, simply use the resource for something else.

    I made a deal with myself when i was first depressed, whenever I am at a point where life no longer feels worth living I stop wasting this precious resource on my own feeble attempts at self-fulfillment and spend it to effect the change I was to see around me, even if I feel terrible whilst doing it, life is an extremely valuable resource which should never be squandered, and as slavery is in no way acceptable the only such resource you have access to is your own life.

    When a business is not succeeding it will change its strategy and even its goals in order to maximize the effectiveness of its resources, life should be no different, you should take stock of yourself, your skills, your abilities, your motivation, your strengths and weaknesses and truly get to grips with the resource that is your life, the absolute minimum effort required to maintain your effectiveness emotionally and physically, the maximum effort you are capable of, and just what you are capable of achieving with that effort, and once you have done this you can more effectively wield this resource.

    I am once again in a place where the experience of living is not worth having, but I am not for a second considering ending it because throwing away such a valuable resource just because you have no use for it is just so selfish, its like setting fire to all your money at the point of death rather than giving it away, there is still so much use that can be gained from my life; so here it is, the basic idea I took so long to get to: if your life is not doing you any good, give it to someone else.

    The first time I spent some of my life for other people I ended up giving myself the most valuable thing in my life today as a result, I spent any spare time I had that I would have spent on enjoying myself on my little sister instead, she was still quite young at the time and struggling to find the will to live, I listened, took her burdens, stayed up nights to keep her company when she couldnt sleep, it all felt like misery and hell to me anyway so why not experience misery whilst doing something useful, the result nearly a decade later is a confident and wonderful young woman who is engaged to be married and is more like a daughter to me than a sister and her unwavering faith in me continues to be a great source of comfort in my darkest moments.

    My sister is not the only person I have done this for, and each person I have helped holds a special place in my considerably battered and shabby heart, and in turn those who have helped me also will never leave this tatty hart of mine, though I sometimes wonder if they would rather I not hold them in my heart considering the state of it...

    We are each born with an incredibly valuable and finite resource, we should use this to make ourselves happy, help other people, gain and record wisdom and ideas, build our understanding and skills to better utilize this resource, but never ever waste it by just throwing it away. If I gain nothing from my life I will go to the grave satisfied if I have used my life effectively anyway, and perhaps even saved more lives than the one I have spent.

    It sounds an awful lot better than just discarding your life, doesn't it?
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    I like your principle there of giving yourself to someone else, in my case, it wouldn't likely be another person (very slim chance I'll ever meet someone worthwhile), but I am considering just giving myself, my energy, my wisdom, my creativity, and my most valued byproduct of my life, my just working for a good cause. That's it. Work my life away! I am also giving to the animal shelter which I hope will last me a year of experience, and then possibly move way out of state and find another method of giving. I am burnt out of giving to my current place of work, it is not giving me anything but a meager paycheck. So it kind of works both ways for me. I of course want to derive value from what I give myself to. I respect myself way too much now to just give myself or life 'away' to some other. But that's a good outlook if you truly feel like you can't live your life for you, then do it for something other than you, but still get something out of it for yourself as reward!
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    Well thats the thing, the only time I ever take up the deal again is when I dont want anything but death because everything just sucks. Right now every single day is just about trying to manage my mind so that its bearable just being alive, so I can either do that and nothing else or I can spend what leftover energy i have (which, given the high maintenance cost of just staying sane atm, is not much) on someone else.
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    I feel satisfied I'm at this point. I am pretty content with the 'good' I have done, the people I have saved and/or helped, and the things I have accomplished that I guess is a big deal to others.
    I feel I would give myself a pretty good passing mark for the life I have led, if it were to end naturally today I would be satisfied.

    I don't have any drive or feel any urge to do even more. :(
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    This was beautifully said, and at many low points in my life I've come to the very same conclusion--though not, I think, quite so poetically.

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    Yea, I have discovered a strange correlation between misery and poetry, the more miserable I am the more inclined to poetry I am.. its kind of strange, when I'm happy I feel no inclination towards poetry and have very little talent for it, but I have written a few poems when I was miserable which have gained some very positive responses from anyone who bullied me into reading it to them.

    Although being so cliche as to fit the "tortured artist" stereotype pains me greatly.
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    Don't worry about being a cliché. If your misery can flower into art, let it. It's a good use for it.