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List one positive thing you are looking forward to.


Wants to become a cat
I'm looking forward to meeting with my boyfriend. Only that I have no idea when we will be actually able to meet. I am not even sure whether he's still my boyfriend. But it is the only thing I am looking forward too. I'm looking forward to it every second of the day. Just the thought of chain of days, filled with just waiting, that I see in front of me makes me feel physically sick.
Looking forward to receiving a wheelchair that finally will fit me as it should after three years and not further inflict damage on my shoulder nor hinder me in day to day activities. Repeatedly getting stuck in my own hallway is not fun nor is struggling to wheel myself on the flat - no I am not weak. The wheelchair is three inches too wide and the representatives kept insisting that it was a perfect fit. All of the physical therapists and doctors we saw after disagreed with them.

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