1. Court

    If you feel like giving up! Read this.

    You’re beautiful, you matter. I know things are tough right now but you my beautiful friend will get through this. You don’t know this but you make me smile by being here! You deserve to feel loved and wanted, you know what? You matter to me and SF! You are one of a kind with so many talents and...
  2. Tana

    So much I want to do... :)

    While it seems like it's "over" a lot of times for me, at the moment, I was thinking about how much I want a painting easel after reading a certain cool comment. Then I figured, I should finish schooling first now that my social anxiety is not as nearly as bad as it used to be...adult program...
  3. Petal

    List one positive thing you are looking forward to.

    I think it would be cool to have a thread on stuff we are looking forward to as on here we see so many things that people are dreading. It doesn't matter how big or small it is, it all counts :) I will start; I am looking forward to ...my chinese I just ordered. Yup I am being naughty.
  4. darkdaisy

    say something positive!!

    i am feeling pretty good at the moment but i know this feeling won’t last for long... feel free to say something motivational, or something good that’s going on in the world. in this post let’s try to spread joy, laughs, and smiles to everyone who views this:)
  5. MadLizzard

    Thank you for helping me to survive my worst times.

    I don't really know how to start this. First of all, thank you! My" jouney" began roughly three years ago but I ignored all my negative thoughts until one year ago. At this time I had the worst mental breakdown I have ever experienced. And suicide seemed like the only exit. So I started my...
  6. Rafs

    Be Thankful.

    So I've recently started writing whatever comes to my mind when I'm feeling more anxious and depressed as a way to calm me down and help me relax. I'll just share something I just now finished writing as I think it can help anyone struggling right now. Much love everyone, hugs. -Be Thankful...
  7. SonjaRot

    Raw Motivational Misic

    Everyone can post! :) From brutal to emotional, the main point is MOTIVAAATIOOONNNN! Give this a chance, one of the best friking songs ever made!
  8. SonjaRot

    Saying - No - to depression

    Depression "Kill it! Kill it with fire!" Hi! Depression might seem... really dark, inescapable, painful, lonely, smothering, devouring. I used to live with a depression that I thought, I will never escape, and I still do think that. Four suicide attempts, I was looking for a method for the...
  9. Coleslaw124

    How to overcome self sabotage?

    I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to getting what I need or want out of life. I quit too soon and panic too easily. I want to start over with a new goal but I don't know where to start or how to prevent the past from repeating. What gives you purpose? How to you define success and what...
  10. SonjaRot

    Embrace the shadows

    I have always found it hard to balance these concepts. I always jump from sticky new age thinking to harsh and infernal thoughts. So it goes something like this. To be in harmony you must be positive and think positive thoughts and so on... white light and whatever hippies believe in...
  11. thismustbetheplace

    My daily routine

    Since I don't have a job currently because of my past substance use, mental health, eating disorder, being in and out of treatment, and all that other shit that I'm leaving in my past, my routine revolves around self care and having a self purpose. Since I contribute nothing to society (besides...
  12. F

    Overcame long-term suicidal feelings

    Hi there, I wanted to share that I finally overcame my long-term suicidal feelings. I posted here last year and have been suicidal for a very long time. I suffer from psychoses and trauma and the medication made me lose all feelings of joy and love and become severely depressed. I felt...