Looking for an antidepressant with minimal, permissible side effects


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Hi all!

I am posting this here for the first time in a long while, since I want some more opinions before I make an expensive appointment with my psychiatrist (in my experience, they don't typically take your concerns into consideration much :( ).

So, I am looking to get on medication again for depression and GAD. I was on prozac two years ago, which worked fantastically, except that I completely failed all my classes that semester due to inability to focus, as well as a lot of reckless, thrill seeking behavior that is completely out of character for me (also sexual dysfunction). I was on 40mg when I went off it, so I'm not sure if a simple decrease would have made me function better.
I'm in my third year in college and the inability to concentrate is 100% a deal breaker for me. Im willing to deal with other side effects if absolutely necessary, but I need to be able to function in school.

I'm now looking into some other options like bupropion and Effexor ( this especially for GAD).
What are your experiences with these? Info online is somewhat conflicting, with some sources stating that they have decreased side effects, others stating the exact same side effects as prozac (concentration, sexual dysfunction, etc). Is there something else you would recommend based on my concerns? Would a low dose limit the side effects to a manageable amount?

Any help is super appreciated! Thanks! :)


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Hi Oval, it's a difficult question to answer. People seem to react differently to different meds. I've been on Prozac and then switched to cymbalta the Prozac worked well for a few years then seemed to stop working......no idea why. Maybe trying Prozac again at a lowered dose would be the best thing, it sounds like it worked for you, but maybe the dose was too much. They usually have to tailor the meds and dosage to the individual which unfortunately takes time. Good luck.

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Hi oval, first I agree with Brian that meds can have a different effect for everyone, but I heard for GAD and depression opipramol is good because its effect is not super strong but noticable and there are only few side effects, many people have none.


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Hi Oval, I also agree with Brian meds effect all of us differently. I have yet found a great med that allows me to focus on what I’m doing. I thought my dr and I found the right cocktail but now I’m not so sure. It’s lasted months but now I am having problems again. Scary situation for me. I wish you luck with your search to find the right medication, I pray that you will be able to concentrate long enough to finish school. Good luck!


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Effexor is the only med which is virtually known for not having the sexual side effects. That being said, it's real hit or miss on whether it works for you.
I'm another Prozac lover. Cymbalta is the grown-up, new & improved version of Prozac. You might try that out for a minute since you know it works well but I think it's still got the lame ass sex side effects. I think the concentration might be improved though.


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Unfortunately it's not an exact science, but has to be based on trial and error. I've heard great things about Prozac but it had zero effect on me, even at 60mg, yet citalopram got rid of all my symptoms at a very low dose in less than a week, with no side effects. I was also able to come off it after a few months with no withdrawal effects. Everyone's experience is different though - one size definitely doesn't fit all.
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