Losing the weight road to recovery

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    Hi All

    I am finally on the right road to recovery, I am finally giving binge eating for good and saying goodbye to sweets, chocolates, cakes and crisps and getting away from the comfort eating problem that's affected me for past 6 months.

    I was 189 lbs and now slowly loosing it and I am now 180 lbs which is good start, I started by cutting out the sugar and added salt in my life, then I started getting rid of the cakes, pastry items and and then got rid of the white bread. I have also swapped eating small snacks and having bran flakes to give me extra long standing energy and I have also started jumping on my bike three times a week, sticking to my 5:2 diet and just being more mindful about what I am eating.

    My exercise routine

    3 x 27 km on bike
    Adult Tap once a week
    Walking everywhere, no more catching the bus or getting my parents to pick me up. I am relying on my two feet :)
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    Well done for recognising you have an issue with food and for taking these steps to help you lose the weight. Yes, nine lbs is a good head start,please keep us updated and keep on exercising, your heart will thank you for that :)
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    Everything is going fine at the moment, I had bit of rough start with exercise bike as it took me ages to get back into my zone but finally we i got there I did it. I accomplished my 27 miles which is such as great achievement.
    Food wise things weren't so good as my parents made me white pasta dish afterwards and just say my energy hasn't been that great after eating the dish as i felt quite bloated and lethargic. Note to self remove white pasta, rice and bread from house. It can also trigger me binge more