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Hi everyone! I have a very simple question for everyone who reads this.

What is love to you?

I would love -no pun intended :P- to know how people feel about this topic, since everyone has their own experiences with it. What comes to your mind when you think of love? What does it mean to you? Do you believe in true love ?
I'm still trying to figure out my answer to this myself, so help me out :)
To me, love is that feeling where you want to care for someone and be with them forever. You want them to be happy and to succeed, especially with you. I don't exactly know what to say about true love. Love exists in an almost completely pure sense, but "one true love" or a soulmate isn't an idea I subscribe to.

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Giving to someone and them giving to you.
Putting their needs first whilst trying to get your own needs met.
A dance. Of both of you trying to make the other one happy. Both of you learning what the other one needs and wants. Both of you changing to be there for the other person. It can't go one way. It has to be a 2 way street. Of giving. But loving so much that you're happy to give, that you want to give. For giving as a burden ain't love.


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When I see the word love I first think in romantic love, that one that attach people together but instead of passion it last even if they left appart. Love is what most mothers feel with their children, the glue that preserve communities, and the reason people griefe when the beloved one is gone. Love is giving the other who gratefully gives into you, otherwise it would be "fish love" (look this video to understand what I mean:
) .
True love? That depends on the definition of such a thing. I guess you mean a long life monogamic partner romantic love kind of thing; if it so yes I believe on it because I 've seen it many times: My mother for example, my grandparents some friends among other people. But in my opinion romantic love isn't less true because you also love other people than your partner, it may be different but it's as real as the air that we all breath.
What could I know may be I still be too naive, too unexperienced and too young to know what's love.
Sorry the bad english by the way

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Love is the attraction to someone or something that makes us feel good. Whether it's a person or a gorgeous sunset, we love it if it makes us feel good. In cases where people claim to love someone who doesn't make them feel good, who in fact actively harm them on a regular and consistent basis, they're confusing hate and loathing of the self with love for an other.
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