1. Tana

    Mental Illness develops on reaction?

    I've had many brushes of what seemed to be something serious. To some I reacted badly, others, I managed to conquer before the thoughts would consume me. Before I share some random ideas of how I reacted/conquered certain ideas, I want you to take note not everyone has the same experience/it's...
  2. darkdaisy

    i want out.

    i have been having severe thoughts of suicide lately. and more... even in my dreams. the one time where i think i’m at peace and think i will take a short break from reality. no. i cry myself to sleep at night. i get picked on during the day. it’s even seeped through into my dreams. my thoughts...
  3. Rafs


    Hi everyone! I have a very simple question for everyone who reads this. What is love to you? I would love -no pun intended :P- to know how people feel about this topic, since everyone has their own experiences with it. What comes to your mind when you think of love? What does it mean to you...
  4. Prussia

    Round 2 of your destruction

    I did it. Despite the abuse and bullshit you put me through, I moved and started a new life with a job I like in a new town. But the money I spent trying to reach happiness with you won’t come back and I’m drowning without it it. It won’t be long before I give in to the debt sharks. And your...
  5. I

    //*/*/When I think I'm feeling better\*\*\\

    When I think I am feeling better in life, that small voice the back of my head tells me otherwise. It tells me how shit I am and that no one cares for me. My husband works on the road, so we don't get to talk often. When we do talk on the phone -were not even talking - he completely ignores me...
  6. Liwu

    I want to end up as corpse

    Hello forum members, in the last time I'm really often depressed and in bad mood. I've less money, no friends, no graduation... And 2 days ago I was robbed at the train station and I lost my pocket including important things like Perso, Credit Card, Money etc. I hate myself, I've stuck of...
  7. Maria2120


    Okay.. to everyone reading (If anyone) I'm trying. Yeah I'm not doing so well but for the first time in a while I think I understand life goes on. I'm currently skipping class & I know not good. But I'm out in nature smoking (also not so good I know) but just sitting here taking in nature even...
  8. Odd_Panda24

    How To Get the "Right" Help?

    I've been talking to a close friend of mine, B, about whether I should get help in a hospital of some sort for my depression or not. B says I should do what I think is best but, I'm not used to making decisions like that. The top things that keep preventing me from going forward with any of it...
  9. Rockclimbinggirl

    Does this happen to others

    So at times I feel like I'm present in day to day life physically (ie I'm walking around) but my mind is elsewhere. I still go about and do stuff, but I have missed my stop on the bus several times. I've also been out and gone "where the hell am I", then realizing that I'm on such and such...
  10. lightning05


    On the surface everything in my life has been working out. The new job I started last week is going well and is keeping me busy and I know to my friends and family I seem happier. Maybe it is also my fault for pretending to be happier. However I still feel like I don't belong here. I've been...
  11. Rockclimbinggirl

    Wishing that I was dead

    I am wishing that I had a way to end this all. I know that suicide isn't the answer but I really don't know what else to do.