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My daily routine


I guess I must be having fun
Since I don't have a job currently because of my past substance use, mental health, eating disorder, being in and out of treatment, and all that other shit that I'm leaving in my past, my routine revolves around self care and having a self purpose. Since I contribute nothing to society (besides my beautiful, unique, presence that anyone would be lucky to be around,) having a routine helps me feel like I have a purpose and keeps me sane.

1. MAKE MY BED i cannot stress this enough. also cleaning random things daily. I started small now I find myself doing bigger projects. CHECK OUT unfuckyourhabitat.tumblr.com it really helps with the depression and messy house and room cycle.
2. Brush my teeth, take my meds, wash my face, and use all my creams and products to take care of my skin, it helps a lot with my self care goals.
3. Exercise my dog, and eat with her. Taking care of my high energy dog reminds me of taking care of my own needs, and also having a lot of fun IS crucial.
4. water, plant, and weed. Just like my sobriety, recovery, and mental health, it needs to be watered (I have to take care of it to grow,) plant (I need to try new things to help my recovery, and then watching them grow into something beautiful is satisfying,) and weed (i need to weed out my garden just like i need to weed out the negativities bringing me down.)
5. Exercise myself and do yoga, play and walk my dog some more
6. wash my face again and shower, THEN I DANCE NAKED TO MY FAVORITE SONGS. I FEEL SO FREE AND COMFORTABLE WITH MY BODY NOW AFTER DOING THIS, IT ALSO HELPS ME DRY OFF!!! and put on some make up and perfume to make me feel, smell, and look amazing!!
7. Drink some tea, my favorite brands are Yogi and Numi. Also eat my lunch.
8. Journal about gratitude, successes, failures, and just about my day so far, more doggy time.
9. Go to my IOP, or another meeting, and keep up with my day time meds.

1. Take my night time meds, eat my dinner wash my face and do a face mask. I also take a bath with different bath salts and essential oils that make me feel calm. Then I do my night time skin care routine, and light my candles, use my oils and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Give me all the good, calming smells.
2. More tea! I drink Yogi Kava stress relief and Yogi sleepy time tea!
3. Journal some more.
4. Night time yoga
5. Lay down with whatever left of my tea, a healthy night time snack, and listen to calming sounds.


water, water, water, water, tea, tea, tea, water water water, food, food, and meds.
limit my screen times to things that will only bring me higher. This sight, buzzfeed. NO SOCIAL MEDIA. ever
be outside as much as possible
throw away all the random shit i don't know why i have
stay positive, and write about being positive.
do some kind of reading
practice playing music
listen to music
dance and stay happy
practice mindfulness and gratitude
and other stuff I'm probably forgetting and will add later


I guess I must be having fun
also I prep my meals sunday night. I go to this cheap ass food market and freeze what I don't use, because ill use it later for smoothies. Its just one thing I have done and leaves room for other stuff. highly recommended:) Ill make a beautiful, colorful salad with protein, greens, fruits, veggies, all colors of the rainbow, and eat it all week. I switch it up every week but I never get bored of the salads! also I have overnight oats for breakfast, and always have healthy options available, frozen or fresh for a perfect smoothie or a snack on the go:)

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