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One of those wtf dreams

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So, I was with a bunch of people who I don't really know, but they were meant to be my friends. We were trying to figure out what to do. I suggested that we should go explore the local abandoned building. So we went there. It was an old 12 storey building. As we got there, turned out that the building wasn't abandoned, more like in a really bad shape, as some apartments were occupied. (I actually had been in this building in another dream) So we climbed the stairs to the 12 story of the building. Of course, it was haunted, etc. I remember hiding in an empty room, and everyone was terrified.
Then a transition happened, and we were in a super-duper fancy hotel, I mean, wow, I'm not sure something like that even exists. I can't describe the details as I can't really recall them. (and I have been in this hotel in another dream as well)
So I think we went to the casino...? Anyways, I understand, I was older in this dream and I was with three men, we were good friends. So we were drinking and gambling and drinking, and drinking and I was pretty sober. Then a dame joined our group. She had brought a strange bottle of liquor with her...
And soon our night out was ruined, as everyone was so drunk, that they started making out, like guys with guys mostly. I was horrified and sad :D and so confused. I had to get out of there, I ran for the exit and people chased me, so that I would join their orgy D:
But I got mad and punched them in the face and balls. Moments later, I was outside. I walked a few blocks and understood that I'm lost, so I looked for someone who could help me. Right away I saw a young couple and asked for directions. It turned out that they were lost too, so I walked with them. Soon I discovered that the guy is an idiot, as he stooped by a woman who was selling used wool bathrobes. He Asked me if his girlfriend would like this as a gift.
We continued walking and being lost. THEN... a witch found us???
She was mad at me that I ran away from the bordello. I think she wanted my soul or something. So she shrank us into tiny people and placed us in a force field prison. There were other tiny people as well. I don't remember how but we defeated the witch and escaped the prison. Still being miniature we found our way home.
Another shift happened. Now, I was with an old friend. I really knew her. Of course, we got drunk again, and she read me a poem that her mother had written. It was Amazing! If only I could recall It!
Some other stuff happened but I can't remember. Then I went home. As I went into my apartment someone started braking in. It was some strange humanoid creature, sent from the witch... my god, how much more will there be, I thought it was over? I held the doors closed and shut all the locks and chains on both doors. Entering the bedroom I saw a black cat, it was trying to get inside, it had a strange presence and I think it could talk, or communicate through thoughts as we talked about something.

Eventually, I got caught by the "evil force" or whatever.
I was brought back to the hotel/bordello and chained up in some weird room. It was a round shape, reminded of a small arena. I was about to be sacrificed.
At that point, I was just confused, I had no idea how I had gotten there. A bunch of demon/peoples were cheering at me. Soon the time had come, to offer me to the dark gods... however, I and the witch/demon, who was about to kill me, we came to an agreement. It turned out that she didn't want to kill me, that she hates her job and is doing it just because it really is her work. I recommended her to quit and well, she did.
She released me and then tore off her skin to emerge into a beautiful woman.
The end?

Is this a side effect of the meditation? :D
It was fun though.


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Sorry, I’m being slack and I haven’t read this.. Nor have I looked at the music clips you sent me :oops:

But, I was in someone’s dream (from this forum). I hope I was in this ;) I’m like Freddy Kreugar but funny :rolleyes:
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