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Paranoia in the hands of PTSD.

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So ive been diagnosed with PTSD since last year but ive never shown signs of paranoia until now. as it stands i have episodes in the night hours where ill hear a sound down stairs and spend 10 mins each time clearing my home with some form of weapon this normally occurs every night for the last five nights. So I have a question does other people who have PTSD also have some form of Paranoia? I have a appointment on Thursday but its bugging me right now cause i can almost be asleep after days without sleep then hear a noise and get up to investigate which causes me to not sleep at all.
Sorry to hear that this is going on. I don't know if there is a distinction between paranoia and hyper vigilance. I'm guessing that what you are experiencing might be described as more like the latter.

I sometimes get up in the middle of the night to investigate noises, but usually not with a weapon. It sounds like you feel like you have to investigate with a weapon to feel safe at all.

Hopefully your appointment will help to straighten things out. I wonder if having a sturdy bedroom door with a deadbolt might help. Then even if you fear that someone is in your home, you might still feel safe.

There may be ways to reduce noise in your home. Also, keeping a fan on in your bedroom might generate enough background noise to cover other noises.

It must be awful to have to live in fear like this. I hope that something can help soon!
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