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This thread seems to have died. However, I will ask - how well do your meds deal with your positive symptoms? I am on clozapine and amisulpride and I still hallucinate all day.


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Hey @Pebble mouse - I used to have super strong delusional thoughts, ideas - I had tried Haloperidol, Risperdal, Clozapine, Fluanxol and a few others before finding that Abilify (first at 30 mg, now at 15 mg maintenance dose since 2021) works the best versus those symptoms.

It works for 95% or more I'd say, I'm not sure what other factors I could include. I've been using this medication since 2011.

My diagnosis was Psychotic Disorder (Not Otherwise Specified).
I never had auditory or visual hallucinations during the two times 6 months of experiencing a psychosis.

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