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These are some of the many things that I think are very good/positive/inspiring in this world :)

(The Star Wars theme music)

(Mark Hamill petting a cat & also somehow making that sweater actually look good lol)

(The way he says this line so perfectly in ESB) :) ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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Something I saw 2 weeks ago while waiting to make a left hand turn at intersection.
Some man was holding a sign needing food/shelter/water ect..... 3 people with a pup were walking past pointed towards the man with the sign said person shook his head looked at his walking partner and said a few words.

I have no idea what they said!

Than he stopped said a few words to the guy .

(I have no idea,
the guy looked like he was going to brush them off but the person seemed very insistent and after a few seconds of what to me seemed coaxing the guy folded his sign picked up his belongings and walked away with them . I can only assume they all found a shelter place or somewhere out of the crazy Life .
I was on the streets In my youth early adult years it is easy at least for me to spot others like who I was, and this is what seemed like was going on.

Even tho I could not hear the conversation and granted I could be wrong , yet they all what’s going on my assumption , “no one left behind” was what went on in this situation!!!


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A bit random but here is a small interview with the now retired baseball player Munenori Kawasaki. There are quite a few clips of him across the interview and he is honestly so wholesome. He at least managed to cheer me up when I felt bad earlier.


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