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Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired...


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It's all quite understandable.

It's like being a young kid again and on Sunday you really don't want to go to school the next day.
Maybe because there is a lesson you don't want to go too, or a fight you don't want to have with some twat that thinks they're rock hard, or simply because you've had a great weekend and don't want to be penned up in a brainwashing prison for another week.

Yet being a kid somehow makes it easier to get past these small hurdles, as when an adult you can't even get out of bed for a year!

So, as we get older we let all this negative energy overwhelm us and mould us into the miserable mess that a lot of us become.

Yet there appears no way out, even death has it's doubts, what if there is more to it than we could possibly comprehend and our last breath took on Earth, was our next breath born back into life.
Like a big loop, after all I collect tomato plant seeds and they sit dormant for years, only to grow again when I can be bothered to plant them.

So the way out of the bottom of the pit is exactly the same way as you came in, it's back to challenging those thoughts like you did at school and go back in on a Monday morning, and having that fight with the school bully, or sitting in a lesson you hated, or whatever other problem these brainwashing places seemed to construct.

I'm off to plant my tomato seeds now, have a positive day folks :yeah:



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Came here this morning [miserable mess, yeah] searching… for ‘something’ and found this.

I can think of

like doing push-ups. I’ll be less miserable tomorrow if I do them.
When you feel like you haven't got another push up left in you, do 10 more.

I'll bet you do it as well, where everybody living in the BS world will give up before they even lay down on the floor to do one!


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where everybody living in the BS world will give up before they even lay down on the floor to do one!
I don’t know other’s situations, , health issues etc. All I can do is search around for hope, ask for hugs here on sf, & keep doing my exercises + or -.

And send loving thoughts for what it’s worth to others on sf.

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