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There are loads of posts here about music. I love it - I listen to a huge amount and have very eclectic taste.
But when I'm in a dark place, I have googled songs about suicide. Morbid, but I've googled far worse when particularly unwell, as I'm sure we all have.

There are more than you'd think out there, but of the few I've listened too, I can't say many are of a decent quality. But then I heard this on a compilation album I own. And I had to listen to it a few times before I understood the words and realised exactly what it was about. Contrary to what you might expect, it's a really upbeat synthpop song, essentially about a woman who stops a guy from jumping.

Shame the video is crap. But I now listen to this when I'm feeling blue.

Upbeat or otherwise, are there any others you know of?


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THE suicide song for me is Inside the Fire by Disturbed. The signer lost his girlfriend to suicide when he was a teenager and this song is about the devil trying to convince him to do the same. It's an amazing song that i really recommend.

This is a youtube link with the lyrics in the description. The real video is really hard to watch and could be triggering so i just posted the song and lyrics.
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Hey @Battlecry you should join us along in the Song a day thread :D I like the song you picked. Eclectic tastes are very welcome and we like to post with lyrics so people can better understand the songs. like you said sometimes the message is just not as clear unless you really listen.

Most of my songs I collect are of a depressing nature. I don't think it is morbid to look up songs about suicide when you are feeling down. I guess it depends on your mind set but for me these songs often offer up comfort knowing that someone out there is suffering but they are able to express it in an artistic way instead of giving into certain thoughts makes the world feel like a bit less of a lonely place.


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Jeremy by Pearl Jam
Adam's Song by Blink 182
Everybody Hurts by REM, which is the song the Samaritans use worldwide I guess


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I really like Bullet by Hollywood Undead.
Weirdly enough the song makes me feel happy and helps me pick myself up again
Maybe it's because of the upbeat melody? But whatever, if it makes me feel good I keep on listening it. :D



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"Nobody Loves You Like Me" by Johnathan Coulton. When I'm really down I listen to this over and over. I think it's because it has almost a lullaby-like quality.



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This one is good too . . . from a brilliant album, "Electro-Shock Blues." This is about the suicide attempt of the songwriter's sister.

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