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Stupid problem

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A while ago my boyfriend and I broke up, but up until recently it's bee ok because we're best friends. These past few weeks though he's been pulling away and doing things that aren't like him. He's been smoking and drinking and going to parties, even though he's a serious athlete. Then he asked this one girl who he doesn't even talk to to prom. The thing that bothered me is he didn't tell me- I heard from people gossiping. That really hurt because I thought we were better friends then that. I've just been feeling crappy because I don't know who he is anymore and I'm losing him. To make things worse we graduate soon so it's not like we have a lot of time to save the friendship.


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I am sorry to here about your situation. I understand the hurt you are feeling but you to remain strong and dignified. Ok he did not ask you to prom but he asked another girl. Yes, that's very callous of him and not doubt causes you immense heartache. Remember he might trying to make you jealous and letting others feed on this social gossiping but you gave remain calm.

I can understand the hurt you feel as you both were very close to each other and shared you inner secrets. You have to remain strong and just take this situation in your stride. You have to kept him go and he might realise in time he has lost a dear friend.

You have to focus on yourself as you have done nothing wrong but simply care for someone who cared for you. Perhaps in tine he might realise he lost a good friendship and perhaps in years to come that might be case.

No doubt, you cry alone when no one is around as it releases the hurt from within. It's ok to cry but it will take time to get over this hurt. I hope this hurt helps you to move forward with your life. Please ignore any social gossiping as people who nothing better to do.

Please tell your parents how you feel as they might able to help you in this situation.

Keep posting and let's us help you get through this situation.


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After graduation the sad fact is many if not most friendships become more of a facebook comment and perhaps occasional text anyway. It is an age where people do in fact change, many for the better, some for the worse, and many go through and make mistakes that fortunately being young are recoverable from. It is a natural part of growing up and becoming adults, figuring out who we are as people and what things are actually important to us as opposed to our parents thoughts about our lives.

As said above, concentrate on doing what is best for you, and you cannot save your old friends from their mistakes, so worry about how to make yourself happy and cherish the memories. You cant control other people and trying to leads to hurt feelings and frustrations.


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I'm sorry you're hurt by his actions, hun.

Break-ups are hard to go through... and sometimes men take it a lot harder than they let on. It might be what is happening to him; he's probably trying to deal with things his way.

But what you need to do is focus on you, and your own feelings. If it hurts you to see him, then avoid him and rather do things that make you happy. Be with people who are there for you, that's what is important. You.


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I am sorry for the errors in my list but I hope you get my meaning. I also apologise for any hurt I caused in my post. I did not mean to cause or add any extra distress to your current woes.

Take dare and be strong as you know we care about what your are going through
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