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The Country/Town/City game


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Ah drinty talk with Yonk.. he's on a phone too and figured out how to use tinypic.com to post pics! And yea yonk.. I'm proud of you for not going with yorkshire :)

Haight Ashbury (San Francisco, California)


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Yorkshire, crum? x) Kappa
nah, i'll go with :

Yangzhou (China)

oh, for @drinty, i'm gonna post a pic too right now, from a phone, step by step :)
1. download the image to your phone
2. open tinypic.com on your browser
3. choose file, and find the image
4. hit upload now (sometimes gets captcha question, answer it)
5. then it got your links. choose the link for forum and message boards and copy it
6. then choose the image button above, beside the smiley
7. enter the link you just copied, and walaa. a picture in here ~
(ps : same as crum instructions. bzz. :/ just on a phone)

here, have a fried rice. Yangzhou style fried rice xP


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Delos (modern Dilos).. island in Greece.. The birth place of Apollo, it was an important island in the early Acadian wars and Persian wars and later became the Roman slave trading center of the early empire period, it was also an important strategic island in the Mithradatic wars.. the last eastern attempt to throw off the yoke of Roman subjugation.


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