we are all immortal


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in my opinion most of us are immortal in one way or another. here is my list, please add more ways if you can think of them

1. children : anyone that has children carries a part of our dna in their bodies, and when they have kids it carries to them and so on forever hopefully. i have 3 kids and grandkids and on and on.

2. some sort of print or video : if you have ever written something that was published in paper or online, if you ever were in a movie on the tv news or tv show or commercial you will be there forever because they usually store things like that for decades or longer. i was on tv news a few times when i was a union president and my wife a couple of times when she was ringing the bell for the salvation army, but one of my sons have us beat, he appeared in a superbowl commercial

3. records : insurance, police and all kinds of businesses or agencies archive information

4. things we do : little things that we do can influence other people. if you help someone they can get better and help others and your act of kindness can live on

5. death : whatever you believe, god , reincarnation or your soul becoming part of the wind, you live on. i belive in heaven/hell

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Hey, cool thread! Thanks for the tags @1964dodge & @Astrid78 :)

I dunno if I'm just braindead right now or what but all I can think of is "planting trees" lol :p

Everything you guys put was great though! Ya it's a really nice and comforting thought that there will be traces of us in some form that will live on long after we are gone. Who knows, with all the technology they've been able to make, maybe in our lifetime literally BEING immortal will become a possibility. It's hard to imagine but maybe it's not impossible....?


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I too believe we're all immortal in some way.
I'll add:
1. We exist beyond time: not forward in time only, but multi-dimensional as well. Before we were born to our parents our soul was at home and will return there after our body dies. We are all part of of an aperiodic tiling, which is part of our Creator and the Universe. aperiodic tiling

2. items like Identity cards & passports.
3. pictures taken of your imageas you go through security at international borders.

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I’ve always thought we live on through our children, passing on our dna through the generations, but our physical bodies return to the earth and feed into new life. Part of the cycle. I also agree that we live on in peoples memories when they remember us. My grandmother still lives with me, even though she’s been gone nearly 40 years. I’ve told my children about her so they will remember her too.
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I do not have children of my own but there are two now grown who claim me as "other dad" since I help their father out of jam otherwise they would not have been born. The daughter carries my name and she does complain that Kenneth is one goofy name for a girl. LOL. Actually she has my middle name of Dee which is a family name in my family. Both her and her brother are now adults, married with kids of their own so yes I am a part of their family line.

I do agree with the our lives do touch for good and bad often so many others. When I was a teen so many, many years ago me and a couple of others came upon a car crash out here in the country and we were able to pull a number of folks out before the car went up in flames.

You can never tell how much you will affect and even grant good and life to someone and possibly even amongst their descendants.

They live so in a way I do live.


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another part of immortality is our insurance, and hospital records because they keep paper copies buried in some warehouse. not to mention birth, marriage and of course our death certificates. so, long after humanity is gone some alien race can learn about us through these records


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