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Return of the jedi

i learned something today that shocked me so had to back and looks so the co pilot onthe falcon inthe battle in close ups was a puppet i had no idea onthis even more shocking is admiral Ackbar while there was an actor in costume for close ups it was also a puppet si the famous line its a trap came from a puppet crazy

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been watching Severance. Pretty crazy show. Messes with your head.
Oh yeah! *agreed No spoilers of course *popcorn but I finished season 1 of "Severance" a few days ago. Mind blown to smithereens! *faints

It's on Apple TV+ - What episode are you currently on @JDot ? *thumbsup PM me if you prefer that *dance4 otherwise we'd take up this thread (offtopic).


House of the Dragon, season 1 episode 3 today - was watching this with a friend. We also watch The Rings of Power every week.


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easily the best Star Trek movie. 1982 was a good year for sci-fi. You also had Blade Runner, ET, and The Thing. I wasn't born yet, but it would have been fun to go to the movies that year.
The Carpenter version of The Thing is my favorite, but it is nearly exactly like the old pulp sci-fi novella by John Campbell Who Goes There where the idea came from.

Currently watching Matewan(1987).

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