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What would you do if you were not afraid?

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That makes my day, @SonjaRot :D

Alan’s pretty groovy.. I’ve listened to hours of his stuff. Here’s another goodie:

There’s a storm brewing here and we need rain so badly. The weather really affects my emotions and this wind is making me anxious. Rain please! :cool:o_O
Love it! Especially the beginning part. I have been thinking this all the time but never could find the right words. Its always such a treat to hear these kinds of speeches... Im always like - I knew it! :D Aww, the true path of life is amazing...

Rain is awesome. It alaway vitalizes me and washes away all the bad stuff, so I hear you.
I'm surrounded by snow.. and cold... and I have had enough. :D Waiting for spring!


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Cool post @SonjaRot fear is tough to overcome when it's been part of your life for a few years, but...
:cool:I would go on dates
:cool:Trust people enough to share and maybe make some friends
:cool:Travel to another country, which given my solo status I'd have to do alone and that's scary
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