1. ChimeraMonster

    Ideas & Opinions Other Forums?

    Hey guys, are there other forums you guys know that are like SF? I remember using a similar one back in the day called Suicide Project, but I can't find it anywhere these days, though things there were... less moderated. So it tended to go more dark. I remember another one, with a light blue...
  2. Dante

    If you helped someone, would you wish to know?

    I always assumed that if you helped someone in a significant way, it would be something you wished to know, something that would make you happy to know, but I had a conversation recently that suggested some people dont care if they know or not. I just thought I would post a poll, feel free to...
  3. BrotherV56


    I know that on <mod edit - timeline>, my mother will be dead. She has been telling me for months at this point that she will kill herself come this time. She is 47, her health is terrible (physical and mental), she has no friends, does not talk to anyone, does not leave the house, and has zero...
  4. A Lost Cause

    Depression, Meds and Memory?

    So, I’m gonna do my best to explain this, please bear with me! I am diagnosed with depression. Up until recently I suffered pretty bad symptoms. As of now, I feel GREAT. However I’m wondering if that’s really me talking, or my meds? Here’s why: If you’ve read my previous posts, you may...
  5. CoveredAwareness

    Feedback on change from seroquel/quetiapine to amisulpride

    Hey everyone! I've just changed from seroquel(200mg) to 50mg of amisulpride, anything you'd like to share? I think this was mainly changed because of how tired and zombie seroquel made me feel, and I really needed the extra energy to keep up the classes I'm having. To people who are taking...
  6. SonjaRot

    What would you do if you were not afraid?

    Me first! 1. Master the guitar, practice more and go for becoming a musician (as a profession). 2. Spend a lot of time climbing trees. 3. Get a dog. 4. Look people in the eyes. 5. Wear a skirt :D Sometimes fears control lives. Sometimes fears paralyze. Sometimes fears are just ridiculous...
  7. Kathie Sunflower

    How to find inspiration

    I have always been a creative person with painting, writing (short stories or lyrics) etc, but in the past year I don't have any inspiration and when I try to write something, it's always the same and I don't really get new thoughts and impulses, also I don't have the energy to really start...
  8. swimgirl48

    side effects?? can't stop shaking

    I am really new to this whole treatment thing. I'm up to 100mg of Zoloft and 150 mg of Lithium and I'm taking Lunesta occasionally to sleep. It's been about 5 weeks. I don't really feel any different but my hands are really shaky all the time. I didn't even notice until one of my friends...
  9. Prussia

    Are 1 night stands worth it?

    Exactly that. I've never been a short term relationship person in any way but I've heard they can be helpful during the worst times in life. What are your opinions? Are one night stands more helpful or hurtful? Particularly for getting over a bad relationship, but not exclusively. (Let me know...
  10. FacelessDoll

    Is it normal for

    Hello I am new to the site, I had a relapse in cutting lately and I have a question that may sound stupid to others.... Is it normal for my skin to give off bad heat? No I do not mean the cuts and there stinging I mean burn as in when someone touches them the heat even bothers them. I recently...
  11. Prussia

    Why is a human life valuable?

    Just that. What, in your opinion, makes a human life valuable? Why is every single one of the ~7.5 billion human lives valuable to this planet? What makes your individual life valuable? I'm honestly seeking for any kind of answer since I have yet to find one.
  12. Ldub20

    Does anyone think this is GOOD advice?

    Advice: "so what if you are socially inept? Learn to be content with it and be happy that you'll always be alone. You can still be happy even socially inept." That's good advice? If you think that's good advice, you MUST think that telling a fat person to be content being fat (and telling...