What's the one thing that made you smile today ?

Police body camera captures heart-stopping moment officers find kidnapped 8-year-old

this story and the happy ending of it made me smile so i salute all the good people involved in making it have a happy ending

the story is quite long so i will not print it out /copy and paste it but i will leave the link if anyone cares to read it



To dare is to do
This was last night, but I forgot to post it. My friend that I’ve been trying to meet up with for months told me that that night was a fundraiser for our old rugby team and he was probably gonna go and I should too. ( It was the fundraiser I always complained about where players have to get up on stage and get bid on for dates.) I had a great time and everyone who knew me was happy to see me. Some of us went out to a bar afterwards, which was fun and just like old times. When I was about to leave, the friend that invited me hugged me like 5 times. (He was a little drunk I think *bleh) And I bought a “date” with one of the guys to go for tacos at some point.

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