1. Scytaic

    I feel discarded by the medical system

    I suddenly developed a lot of health issues a few years back due to antidepressant withdrawal, which I'm still disabled with. The doctors blamed everything on my anxiety and one even yelled at me when I asked for a scan. A psychiatrist I saw last year seemed understanding and told me to make an...
  2. Scytaic


    My akathisia has suddenly started flaring to the worst it's ever been for almost 3 days now and I have no idea why. It's torture, my brain and body have so many horrible sensations going on right now, I just want to jump out of my skin. I guess it doesn't help that I've not slept great for...
  3. Scytaic

    Life is exhausting

    My mental & physical health is so bad that even doing nothing is exhausting. And I basically do nothing all day.. which makes me feel more depressed. Every day is so exhausting it feels like I'm always carrying around a weight or I'm constantly trying to balance my health just to stay alive, I...