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  1. Lost hope2014

    Hii yall

    The name I go bye is lost hope because so many months ago I did I'm trying so hard to stay but it gets to hard mi mama is loco telling me it ok to self harm and I believe her but I'm young but go through so much crap for a kid plz dont ignore mw because I'm a kid ok I think that's it
  2. Mayarian

    I dont know how to act, need advice

    Greetings, Its been a long time since my last post. Im okay now, things still okay currently but there's some condition on my bestie and Im really concerned it bothers me a lot Had this friend since middle school, she's rlly cherful and I often play at her house, our parents is close too. She...
  3. Feelings of a Male high school senior with Extreme self-hatred issues

    Hello. Mark, isn’t my real name, just.... something. Anyway, I’m in a rather unique situation even for people with depression in that: -I move every few years with my family. I have never had friends, but not for that reason... -I apparently am easily manipulated. Every single person who I ever...
  4. lightning05


    I was on the brink of a panic attack just now and I used the grounding technique. I was describing to myself everything I saw and what color it was (in detail). I also controlled my breathing as much as I could, trying to take full deep breaths and let them out slowly. Lately I haven't been too...
  5. Aquarius123

    Thought For Today

    This thread aims to bring you a daily thought that will hopefully inspire those who, like me, are struggling on their pathway of coming to terms with their earthly existence. If you have anything of this nature, please share it with us here. I shall be glad to add it to my collection. Thought...