Hii yall

The name I go bye is lost hope because so many months ago I did I'm trying so hard to stay but it gets to hard mi mama is loco telling me it ok to self harm and I believe her but I'm young but go through so much crap for a kid plz dont ignore mw because I'm a kid ok I think that's it


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Hi @Lost hope2014 and welcome to SF. I'm really sorry you're struggling so much, sweetie. What your mom is telling you is not true. Some people self harm because they're in a lot of pain, but everyone eventually becomes addicted to it, and it happens very fast. It's not good to do it though, it doesn't make things better, on the contrary. Stop before it controls you. There are safer alternatives. We won't ignore you, we are here for you, to listen and to understand, and we don't judge. Do you want to tell us about what makes you feel so much pain? Sending hugs.


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*hug she should never make self harm sound okay it’s not. It’s something people struggle with and people should try to help someone not self harm


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@Lost hope2014

As a kid your feelings are important as much as an adult feelings are. Its the same. Speak out to a trusted adult if you want to open a discussion with your school counselors to get you back on track. What do you want to be when you get older? A doctor? A hairdresser? A horse trainer? The sky is not the limit for you. Reach for the stars and good luck there.

Take Care


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If you don't mind me asking, what exactly happened many months ago? Just know we're for you.


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Hi there. I'm late to this but welcome to SF. You finding your way around ok?

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