1. Iwuv

    Ideas & Opinions I need some advice//

    Hello. I just need a bit of an opinion on this.. I'm not one for easily making friends. I dont get what about me keeps people away, but I've never had a true friend who would be there for me no matter what. After years of not having close relationships with anyone, I've finally forged an...
  2. Kira

    Honestly, what's the point?

    Firstly, I've posted in this section as I don't want any advice or to hear any well meaning suggestions. I know people here care but there's honestly nothing anyone can do for me. So, I've been meaning to do a Safety Plan for a really long time and thought about doing it today but then I...
  3. thismustbetheplace


    drank mysef to oblivion last night. I'm on vacation so I thought one wouldn't hurt, 10 later I'm a stumbling falling down bonging and purging drunk. The routine change from this vacation is causing a lot of anxiety. I know I can't drink, I mean I can if I want to go down that road but I don't...