no advice needed

  1. neutralbuoyancy

    Random thoughts

    I recently wrote how I was craving suicide and only thing stopping me was my dog. Welp tbh I feel bad wasting a thread since It didn't let me edit the other one. I'm kinda here to just break it down. Since I do not intend to ask for help or advice, its just to put it out there that's about it...
  2. neutralbuoyancy

    I'm craving suicide again.

    rather than being, depressed and suicidal. I just just crave suicide like almost taste it in my mouth. Its the same feeling of drooling after you imagine your favorite food. Like I almost feel a knife in my hands and going you know. like a imaginary knife. sighs the only thing stopping me is my dog.
  3. neutralbuoyancy

    Just Me (No advice or anything else needed)

    Here I am, Once again, Back to Depression, I'm the one, Who doesn't want to let go. All the fine lines, I walk in between, Family, Health, Stress, And anxiety, I Do NoT Care, No Goals, No Dreams, Will truly matter, Because there is no point, Let us all, Walk Our Different ways, Even if this...
  4. neutralbuoyancy

    status update (No advice needed) (it didn't lemme fit it all in status)

    status update- me n my fucking big mouth with some sort of disorder that i literally makes me say something out loud when im thinking not to say it caused yet an argument at a sore spot it made me think. I tried really hard to share my suicidal thoughts with my siblings it took 18-30 of internal...