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  1. neutralbuoyancy

    How to stop obsessing and move on?

    I would like to share a deep dark secret with you guys that I dare not share with anyone. No, it's not murder or anything of that sort. So the thing is I have a issue with unconsciously obsessing and inability to move on (this isn't the secret part). I hate regretting but my body does anyway...
  2. Cariad_Bach

    Perinatal mental ill health

    So I recently posted elsewhere while in a bit of a state after discovering I'm unexpectedly pregnant. Thank you to @Rockclimbinggirl, @Ash600 and @ib4uib for responding to me there. I told the Midwife how I'm feeling and she responded "is that something I can help you with?", so I guess it's...
  3. W

    Practical Advice Advice needed

    I prepared to commit suicide about a year ago. my attempt was discovered, but my parents didn't realize it at first. they thought I was abusing substances of some kind. the next few days were absolutely miserable but I got over it. Im still depressed but I hide it from my family. My sister...
  4. Licorice

    Strategies to combat self-obsession?

    One of the things I hate most about this state of mind is that it makes me selfish and self-obsessed. My mind circles round and round its favourite topic: my worthlessness. I distance myself from people and then when I have a spike I panic and reach out. I am a bad friend. What strategies have...