1. Dante

    Jim's Cafe - June 15th

    Welcome one and all to Jim's Café, the sanctuary for the long suffering sane from the madness of the modern world. Hi all. I happened to wander in here and felt like making a Cafe. Please one and all, enjoy! As ever we have Cafe music, some fun facts, 3 tables with differing subjects to choose...
  2. JarlPypBoi

    I'm dying and only music can save me

    Any suggestions? I like Dead South, ICP, Black Sabbath, New Order, Adele, Ninja Sex Party, Rammstein, Finbar Furey, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Insane Poetry, Sex Pistols, Joy Division, Skinny Puppy and pretty much everything in between, hook me up with some sweet jams guys. Oh and Ghost B.C., their...