1. Soda-Voxel

    I hate being autistic

    Now before I begin as a side note I do not hate other autistic people. They are all valid. This is simply internalised ableism I suppose, self hatred directed towards myself only. I hate being autistic. I hate it so, so much. Understanding nothing. Not getting jokes. Constantly being weird...
  2. Dante

    What exactly is this feeling?

    We have every mental issue there is all under one roof in this forum, from a normal reaction to a bad month/year/life to severe diagnosable dysfunction, so since my Google-Fu is a little hit and miss, I wanted to ask this congregation of the extremely qualified if there is a specific name to...
  3. Dante

    How do I stop the screaming?

    I have been screaming in my head for 2 weeks, I cant take it anymore, at first hurting myself seemed to quiet it but its less and less effective and I cannot escalate much further without causing permanent damage which is counter productive. Does anyone know a way, preferably a...