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How do I stop the screaming?

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I have been screaming in my head for 2 weeks, I cant take it anymore, at first hurting myself seemed to quiet it but its less and less effective and I cannot escalate much further without causing permanent damage which is counter productive.

Does anyone know a way, preferably a non-self-damaging way to finally stop this screaming in my head, all I want to do is open my mouth and let the scream out just to make it stop, but that is not an option, so what do I do?

Really, anyone have an answer?


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Yes, I scream the pain out from within loud but I drown it by playing loud music. Nobody can hear the pain from within. The crying of tears help as well. It horrible when you have let the screaming out of your head.

Are you taking medication? It does help you.

I use to wake up screaming in the middle of the night as the pressure was immense, I go to an isolated area and scream in my loudest voice. The screaming does stop but have to fight this pain. I was brainwashed to something and I did it. I still suffer from this horrible experience but you have to fight it. Trust me, if I can do it, then you can. It's hard and does leave an emotional scar.

I am sorry if I come across horrible but it's not nice dealing with scream by yourself.


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I dont have the option to scream, suffice it to say I am forced to pretend all is well because things will go very badly if someone I live with finds out something is wrong.

I am taking 150mg sertraline, its helping but nowhere near enough.

I dont know an area isolated enough or I would visit there often.


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You do need to let it out somehow. Have you tried screaming without sound? I've done that a lot. You could even scream into a pillow if you fear sound will come if you try.
What about watching sad movies and let the tears roll? You can always blame it on the film?


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I have tried screaming without sound, I ended up pulling a muscle, and it didnt help, as for crying at a film, that used to b e a release I used, the tears dont come anymore.
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