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At this moment, what would you rather be doing?


~ Crazy Cat Lady ~
Pretty much same answer as last time I did a reply in here last month, or if not that then just having a synergetic convo with SOMEONE (preferably someone older than me even if they were just a month older or w/e lol) being able to eat pizza, a bag of chips (or crackers), a grilled cheese sandwich and/or any other kind of (good) sandwich for that matter, being worshipped, adored and very wanted by tons of at least fairly good looking men and where they bought me lots of things and did not just merely "ask" me to marry them, but begged me to. It would be completely perfect :)


~ Crazy Cat Lady ~
Lots of things as always but esp. watching more of the anime show my friend & I have been watching, or 1 of the original 3 Star Wars movies, watching something on Netflix or online shopping. Got to do some of those things yesterday at least so that was good :)

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