At this moment, what would you rather be doing?


The "Perfect Life" YouTube channel is neat
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Pulling a Scrooge McDuck and swimming through my fortune of money, that is oddly only in coins


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LOTS of things but esp. shopping, eating chocolate, cookies and/or fries, drinking a chocolate milkshake, being able to go for a drive somewhere nice with someone, talking to my uncle (haven't seen him since 2005 so low chance of that EVER happening again), laying on a bed with at least 10-20 cats (or walking in a field with them or something like that), being given flowers and just being worshipped in general by all the (decent and at least tolerably good looking) men in the world. Yup, any or all of these things are def. how I'd rather things be and it is dead wrong that they aren't :)


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Eating some egg rolls & other chinese food sailing along the southeastern coast (Florida or somewhere tropical like that) watching a beautiful sunset, sitting on a huge, luxurious, purple, velvet tufted sofa surrounded by cats and kittens, drinking a chocolate milkshake, buying all the awesome stuff I want online, being worshipped and just not worrying about anything at all.
Yeah, that would all be very perfect imo :)

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