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It was not my intention to post something this controversial or worrying in my life, but I am out of options, getting desperate. My friend is in dire need of help, which I have been trying to give to him, and has completely backfired for no fault of my own. To best explain the situation, I will copy in an email I sent to the Samaritans in blue. NOTE THAT I LIVE IN THE UK

"Dear Samaritans.

I would not be using this service if i didnt know where else to go. I have been in a complete mess surrounding something I now wish I never got into.

I have a friend, ****, who was being mentally and physically abused by his parents, so I alerted the NSPCC and have been relentlessly providing them with all the information I know as when it became available. It has now been brought to the child services and social workers, and now its things there that have been completely unjustified and uncalled for.

**** has been (even before i alerted the authorities) restricted and told that he cannot meet friends or go to places, he's 16 and should be able to do what he wants. But now his parents have completely taken away all his means of communication, and have had the audacity to report me and my friend to the police simply because we have been talking to him. It completely boils my blood. And now, since I have gotten off a secret call to ****, he has told me that they want to remove him from the house, not because of everything that has been said about the parents, but because he is the danger to his parents and his sister. After EVERYTHING I had provided, it completely pains me how on earth they could come to that decision. I am now worried that me and my other friend will never be able to see him again, because I don't know what happens after that point or if the family get their way with the police.

**** wants to end the investigation just so he can get out of everything and said he wants his parents to meet up with me to "discuss" things. I don't know how to feel about this, and I don't even think i can guarantee my safety. He even went for a walk today, got picked up by services/police (as they always seem to do with him now), and his stepfather pinned him up against the wall with a fist, OVER A WALK!!

Do you have any idea where I can go to get a second opinion, or what I can do from my side?"

I am completely in awe over the sheer failure of the local council and their ability to recognise that MAYBE the fault lies in the parents, the ones who have been issuing the violence to their own son in the first place!!! This has completely sapped away mine and my other friends energy, and it makes me think why the hell I even bothered to begin with.

I don't expect this post to get hardly any attention, in fact I was even thinking of leaving permanently, I'm rather cynical about anything at this point in time. But my friend needs help, and for the past month I have been doing everything to give it to him. I can't seem to do that anymore.


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Hi, I guess the only thing you can do is keep going! It sounds like your friend needs you in his corner. Keep reporting what you know, keep shouting someone will have to listen eventually.
Did you get a reply from the Samaritans? Were they able to offer any help or advice?
I get the cynicism, but it's not always this way. You just haven't got to speak to the right people yet.
If this is something you believe to be right, you've got to keep speaking out.

Keep us updated

Take care


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As shitty as it is, 16 is still legally a kid so he's going to have to suck it up and deal with the parents for now. He can escape that house and run far far away in a short time -- and no doubt that he will. I'm sure that summer is especially shitty for your friend because he must feel terribly isolated not being able to talk with others or even take a walk. I hope you find some solution together soon. Good luck.

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