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Does anyone hear voices? If so, how do you cope?

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I am on three different medicines; Latuda, Lamictal and Zoloft. I have bipolar, depression and anxiety. When I am really stressed the voices start. There's one main voice that calls me stupid when I make a mistake and says really inappropriate things to me. I don't know how to shut them up, I tried writing what's said on a piece of paper but that doesn't help. I try answering the voice back in my head and that doesn't help. Does anyone have any tips to quiet the voices?


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Hi MommyOf1, that sounds very disconcerting and must be difficult to deal with. I wish I knew some thing that would help. Have you told your doctor about it, I'm wondering if it may be the medication you're on. Hopefully others dealing with this will reply with some tips.


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I agree with Brian, those medicines may not be suitable for you or probably is something wrong with the quantity, make sure to don't take overdoses, I bet your doctor may have a greater answer than we do... Good luck with that and let us know if the problem persists.


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i used to hear voices but they were outside my head. heard them in background noises like static, running water, etc. these are the voices of schizophrenia. i believe i had a spirit attachment. i still am aware of this spirit sometimes but after avoiding triggers (static etc.) the voices went away.

i also have intrusive thoughts which is more like what you describe. usually this is my own voice though sometimes i feel the influence of a spirit. it's like tourettes syndrome in my head and it is usually very negative. for these, i do answer back. i have lots of affirmation type things i say and this works for me. what you have also sounds very bad. it seems more like your own mind creating it. i said what i usually say when talk of voices comes up, not sure if it could help you or not. for me, affirmations work best. voice says: "you are an idiot", i say "plus 25 points" because i have a high iq so i can't be an idiot. works pretty well for me. my intrusive thoughts aren't going anywhere, i've just had to come to terms with that.


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For me when it gets really bad in my case I just try to sleep for some reason after 15 minutes of sleep they fade away.


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It usually helps me to start singing or repeating some melody aloud. And just trying to become sleepy even if they don't let me actually sleep.


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Good thread. I'm really just commenting so I can follow along. I've got really intrusive negative thoughts too so I'm just here for the pointers! hahaha Mine say "you're so fucking stupid", "she (the wife) hates you", "you're worthless", "you'll never be anything", "you're just a paycheck", "I hope you die", etc. I've got a slew of them but my mind gets on repeat and will repeat the same thing over and over again like once a second for a minute until I can veer it off to something else and hope it fades away or lessens.
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