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Given up on Life and feel like I have nothing to look forward to

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Andrew J, Feb 7, 2016.

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  1. Andrew J

    Andrew J Member

    I'm feeling really sick and tired of being disappointed in life with experience after experience and am starting to feel that life isn't worth living. Can't find any strong and stable source of income online that I can feel confident in. I'm completely haunted by failure after failure from the past. I resort to self harm biting myself to make me feel better. Really starting to feel that my life isn't going to get better. Idk just kinda feeling that my life isn't worth living.
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  2. Rockclimbinggirl

    Rockclimbinggirl SF climber Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi Andrew, welcome to SF. The past, is the past, have you reached out to a doctor or therapist? Keep talking. Please stay safe and try not to harm yourself.
  3. vincali

    vincali Member

    If you need to talk to anyone, I'm here. I just recently joined so I don't really know anyone. I feel similar to you and sometimes you just want to vent to someone that's listening.
  4. Andrew J

    Andrew J Member

    I'm new as well. Since we are both on the same page we might be well suited to talk to each other.
  5. vincali

    vincali Member

    I'm sure of it. Could you tell me about your story?
  6. Andrew J

    Andrew J Member

    I've been through a lot of failures and struggles such as finding a reliable source of income. My family just wants me to do seasonal work around people's houses and I want to do online work. Gets so frustrating when I see so many opportunities out there but can't put anything together into a strong source of income. I've been through 2 terrible scams and one currently that may or may not be a scam. I've had my eBay account permanently restricted at the start of last year. If this source of income fails then I will have 2 terrible starts to a new year. I've had a bike project in the past go terribly wrong and a YouTube channel that isn't going anywhere. Just really feeling like whatever can go wrong will go wrong.
  7. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    Sadly, 99% of the places that are advertising for online income are just online scams. While it is very possible to make a living with online work the very largest majority of people that do happen onto it either by accident or after becoming somewhat successful in typical work force and then adding online sources of the same type of job - for example I do freelance writing and and some graphics - but have never found any luck at any place that is listed as offering online jobs, all the work I have ever actually got has been through networking or referrals from real people. I am nto at all trying to discourage you- quite the opposite- I am saying in 5 years of working online I have never found an online employment offered as online employment to ge tme anything- so having failed a couple times really is not very much failure at all.

    With online work it still 100% depends on having very real skills to offer, so that is the other part of the equation- anything that says no experience or no training is absolutely a scam - and they are the only ones going to make money- the lesson to you from that would be the only real way to make money with no experience or skills would be to have enough money to take out a few advertisements telling people how to work from home online and charging every person that clicks $50 for a invented list of ways to make money and then change p.o. drop boxes every few months ahead of the the police hunting the fraudsters. While this sounds very harsh , I am really very much an activists against online scam things because it does make it so much harder for those of us trying to make a legitimate online income.

    If you have real experience and skills in something then it is possible - if you do not have any yet, the first step in the plan of making income from online business or efforts is to get the skills and education/training from a legitimate (which sadly means probably NOT an online) source and then after you have the skills and proven experience finding regular places that will hire you and allow you to work from home as a telecommuter until you have built up enough reputation to be trusted and to get referrals for other online work. Not as easy as they make it sounds on online adverts, but realistically if it was that easy then why would anybody in the world be working any minimum wage job that have to drive to? It would be a very worthwhile lifestyle to have, but things that are worthwhile are almost never easy. But absolutely worth the extra effort needed if that is actually your dream.
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  8. True-Lee

    True-Lee Well-Known Member

    Hi Andrew welcome to the Forum, I hear what you are saying, it is frustrating today to find any kind of a job or decent work, One of the first things you should learn if you have not already is that if anything on line sounds Great or to good to be true, It probably is, I would like to give you a person on line that has lists of jobs or opportunities that have been vetterd by her and other people, her name on line is Kim Komando, she has a talk show that is all internet and computer related anything Digital she is in the know. She has a 3 hour program on radio Saturdays and is also available on the Internet, if there is anything out there and is digital she can be a great help she is located I believe in New Mexico. her Show is oddly enough the Kim Komando Show Look it up online.
    I have had more then a few jobs, I learned a long time ago the more you know the better off you are, most of my jobs I started out at the Bottom and worked my way Up! I started out as a farm boy, I drove tractors and that got me a job in construction because I learned at a young age to drive and do hard work! I was hired as a laborer on a construction site within a few weeks or a month. due to hard work I got moved to another position, the office used me for several months then I ran tool room again not there long because Of my driving abilities I got put on a boom Truck then a Small Crane I am now certified to Operate a 100 Ton Crane, I worked in Saudi Arabia making $2000 a week Plus Room and board on some of their construction Jobs. Jobs are hard to find but there are jobs out there even on line you may have to start out at the bottom, hard work and a good work ethic will help you! Do not keep giving up! believe in yourself that coupled with hard work will put you at the top! If You want, even today with things the way they are there are still opportunities it is up to you! I wish You the best, put your best effort first and You will be rewarded1
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