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i saw this and i saw the word 'uni' up there so i thought it suited me. not sure what to say really. hi i guess :rolleyes:
at the moment im hanging around the library waiting for my exam to start. i start in one hour, but i should leave in about 40 minutes because i need to go get my dictionary for the exam, and also to freak out. im really scared about seeing people in college. i even went through it with my counsellor and i told him there was nothing to be afraid of. worst comes to worst people will see me and say hi, maybe talk about the exam. thats all. thats not scary. i know its not but yet im still scared :( . i actually just want the day to be over. to be finished with my exam etc. i might leave early because i dont want to see anyone i know. or il stay till the end and hide in the library. im scared


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Welcome to the forum. Don't be scared now. Be strong my friend and try you best in the exam. We are here for YOU. Please don't worry. Tell us how the exam went afterwards.


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Hi bubbles, so glad your exam went well. And I hope your being pessimistic about your other ones. Fingers crossed for you.

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