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*help asap*

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it is now or never. my dad who raped me is going to court i want to die i feel trapped i am getting judged and yelled and hit for escaping which was fucking hell.. why am i so stupid? all i want is for my daughter to be safe and not in unsafe situations and i am getting fucked over :(

I also did something to myself and I regret it i am so badly needing a hand i want a hug and a reason to stay help me please :(


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Keep out of the situation, keep yourself safe and protected. Everyone after that will be too. Get some help, you’ve been through a lot, sending you good wishes. Stay strong cause you are indeed
im trying to leave. she has my little girl at the moment. my door is always locked but im trying to buy a apartment
That is not good enough. You need out. If he continues to yell & hit, call emergency services. You need to get to a safe space- nan’s? If you cant stay there, make calls for emergency placement. Its unsafe to be there.
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