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I am afraid my life has no purpose

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I am afraid my life has no purpose. I don't think I'll ever get a job.

I don't think I'll ever be loved my a woman, and I won't get to love a woman. I feel empty. I need kisses and hugs but women will never love me. I am too useless and immature and pathetic.

I don't even enjoy reading anymore. I just want this to end.


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you are youmg enough to accomplish a lot in life. you will find a job and you have plenty of time to find a partner, be yourself and it will happen


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I feel that a lot unhappiness is caused by constantly comparing yourself to those around you. You think you need this and that because that is what you see other people doing. Instead just focus on being yourself because you are way more awesome then you give yourself credit for. Be confident in who you are and then you will notice everything else will just fall into place. Learn to love yourself first :) because you deserve it.
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