1. A

    Guilt from seeing my parents happy

    I don't remember the last timeI was this exhausted, guilty, confused and sad at the same time. These emotions feel so heavy that I dont even have the energy to cry. I have pretty distant (not physically) relationships with my parents and they are not really aware of any of my mental health...
  2. Rainman

    Emotional Pain Getting Worse

    It started when I was young, often wondering who would actually care if it wasn't around anymore. And when I say young, I mean like 7 or 8. I'm 49 as I write this now. My upbringing was strict, and with few friends allowed. In two years of junior high, I never ate in the cafeteria with the other...
  3. Dante

    Do I need to cheer up, or is there actually something wrong?

    I've been asking myself this question a lot lately since I had a weird kinda micro-breakdown a month or two ago, and at the same time I have been trying to sum up exactly how I DO feel so that I can ask this question properly. I feel fine normally, maybe a little overly anxious about the...
  4. alixer

    Is sadness from depression real or just chemical?

    Is sadness caused by clinical depression real or a chemical illusion? Do we know if chemicals can right the ship or do we have to work through the sadness? Sometimes it feels like a house filled with smoke and mirrors.
  5. NRW24

    I have no value as a human being

    I have no value as a person, no value in the job market, no value to women. I failed at being a human, I am useless and a waste of resources. My mother should have aborted me. My life is and will be pointless. I am sorry for you to waste time reading this. I don't even deserve that.
  6. NRW24

    I am afraid my life has no purpose

    I am afraid my life has no purpose. I don't think I'll ever get a job. I don't think I'll ever be loved my a woman, and I won't get to love a woman. I feel empty. I need kisses and hugs but women will never love me. I am too useless and immature and pathetic. I don't even enjoy reading...
  7. NRW24

    My life is a mistake

    Today is Mother's Day... and I am just here, making my mother and everyone else sad. I don't see what's the point of living. I have no future ahead of me. I couldn't love anyone and I wasn't loved by anyone (nor I will ever love/be loved). My life is meaningless and there is no point to it...
  8. NRW24

    My life is pointless

    I have no future ahead of me, I'm just a shame to my family. There is no point in continuing to live. I am sad.
  9. sisyphus

    I feel like I NEED to die.

    I don't feel like suicide is an option. I feel as if it is an obligation of some kind. It became incredibly hard for me to believe that getting better is necessary; I really trust that death is the way - the one and only way. Five years ago I planned carefully my depart, but I believed I had...
  10. madridland

    I need to tell my friends...

    2 of my friends are currently mad at me and and aren't talking with me. One is my roommate which makes it really hard. I'm really struggling and need help from my friends though but since their mad at me I feel like I can't bring my feelings of depression and thoughts of suicide up to them...
  11. Rebecca

    First love broke up with me

    I just don’t know what to even do with my life now. My best friend of six years and boyfriend of almost three years ended our relationship. The reason? He believes he causes me to become upset, but I get anxiety and panic attacks from school (both of us are juniors in college). He believes he’s...
  12. sisyphus

    Random Venting

    Feel free to ignore this. I just HAVE to vent before my mind blows... I understand no one can give advice on that and I am sorry haha I just needed to pour it all out of my chest... __________ It can only get harder. It is downhill from now on. I gave up on all of my college duties. And I am...
  13. A

    I owe money to a person who is violent and threatening me

    the person is my father, and I’m so scared. This is my first time posting here, after this forum was recommended to me by someone on another forum I visit. I have been in such a desperate frame of mind for the longest time, and I would give anything for therapy, but I have no health insurance...
  14. IFeelLikeAnAlien95

    Feeling like I don't exist

    3 weeks ago I fell down some stairs and i broke my 5th metatarsal. It has left me unable to work and house-bound. Lately I've felt really isolate and worthless. It's like I don't exist anymore. Since I'm on crutches its hard to get out or do much and i feel like a pest if i go out because its a...
  15. A


    I need warm vibes or thoughts or what ever belief system people have, to send my way. I have grand jury this Wednesday, for a day. I am on the jury and it is my fifth day serving this year. It is very painful to me and I tried to find my story on my previous post to add this to it, but I will...
  16. C

    How do you deal with having no friends?

    I got back from a 3 day comic con yesterday and it dawned on my how most of my fellow nerds there had friends and significant others. Basically all I have is my cousin and mother and those don’t count as friends in my opinion. It just sucks coming home and realizing how very alone I really am...
  17. A


    My anxiety is bad and I am calling a hotline tonight. I tried to go to a spiritual service today. I feel so out of place.
  18. lightning05


    These flashbacks are seriously messing me up. I feel 100% off. I haven't been able to sleep well at all. I can fall asleep but can't stay asleep and I always wake up at 4am unable to go back to sleep. I feel like I can barely eat at times even when I'm hungry. I started smoking cigarettes again...
  19. lightning05

    Things are getting worse

    I'm slowly getting worse even though I am trying to derail the depression. I can't seem to stay positive right now. Getting up and going to this job that has become to make me miserable and angry is so hard. It's hard for me to even control my emotions at work and knowing I am stuck there for...
  20. lightning05

    Bullying Myself

    Lately I have been doing this thing where I am just constantly negative about myself. I look in the mirror and find things that are wrong with me physically. I keep re-living everything bad I've ever done and feel like I don't deserve happiness because I am too destructive. I'm just down on...