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I can’t kill myself

I used to have everything, a Girlfriend, Good Grades, friends and I’ve lost it all within the space of a month, everyone says I’m going nowhere and to be frank. I’m not. I want to die but I can’t kill my self, I’m too much of a coward to do so


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Hi and welcome to SF.

Not being able to end you own life does not make you a coward, its makes you a survivor and it takes balls to survive rather than give in to the destructive thoughts that wish to consume us.

So theres obviously been a cataclysmic event recently that has set this chain reaction in process. No pressure, you will talk about it when you feel good and ready. I just want you to know that someone sees you here and you are not alone.


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I'm sorry you lost your girlfriend and friends,i understand how difficult it might be,and the fact that all comes just within a month must be so overwhelming.I hear you.
Usually when we are in pain we can't think that it might get better with time,we think we stuck in that dark place forever but that is so not true is just ,another lie of depression.Be gentle and take care of your self, and if you think you not cooping please reach out for help!!

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