1. Court

    To my best friend 😢

    You make me miss you so much, you were everything to me. I remember everything we did together I miss your hugs. Your smile lit up mine. Writing this now I’m hugging your bear knowing your heart is in it. I never knew I was ever going to find that one person who I could connect to, then I found...
  2. Pointless97

    It happened.

    I messed up. I was thrust out of the friend group. I got into an argument with someone, long story short, I was way out of line. When everyone got mad at me I didn't respond with rationale I responded in even more anger. This spiralled quickly. However this guy I argued with, I stopped...
  3. J

    I can’t kill myself

    I used to have everything, a Girlfriend, Good Grades, friends and I’ve lost it all within the space of a month, everyone says I’m going nowhere and to be frank. I’m not. I want to die but I can’t kill my self, I’m too much of a coward to do so
  4. B

    I'm grieving hard..

    Trying to deal with the loss of my son. I lost my first born a few years ago and I thought I was coping well. Recently I have took what seems like numerous steps backwards. I've become quiet again, ignoring people and ducking out on any interaction I can avoid. I'm usually a quiet and reserved...
  5. Dante

    Love is a curse.

    In order to really get the full meaning here Im gonna have to back it up a bit, but trust me, ill get there quickly. If there is one drive that makes humanity what it is, it is the craving for more, we want more money, tastier food, faster cars, bigger homes, better tech, and this is because we...
  6. Gamer_Girl86

    A Icshemic Stroke and Severe Anxiety

    I think this thread belongs in this section...If not, feel free to move it mods. At age 23 I had a stroke (as the title implies) that completely destroyed my left cerebellum which is responsible for coordination, balance, time and space, and a small amount of memory. This lead to needing...
  7. Rockclimbinggirl

    Loss of uncle

    My dad's uncle passed away a few nights ago. He lived next door to my grandparents so growing up my cousins and I use to go to Sunday dinners at his house. There were also some Christmas Eves spent there with all of my cousins.
  8. lightning05

    Bad Day

    I am new here and just needed somewhere to write my feelings where I wouldn't be judged. Tears keep falling out of my eyes. I know I am not going to do anything and I don't want to but the thought is there and it hurts so badly. Just hoping that when I wake up tomorrow the feeling will go away...
  9. Grey_Matter_85

    -The means to end suffering are within you-

    “You are the universe” The means to end suffering are within you... Through Mindfulness, Self-Awareness, Self-Care, and Acceptance comes Perspective and Harmony. Learn to stay in the present moment (don't run or hide from the pain). Immerse yourself in the feelings you'd rather avoid all...
  10. D

    Friend Died Last Week

    Almost exactly a week ago (minus about 30 minutes), a close friend of mine was found dead. The police say it was a suicide <mod edit- methods>. He was about to graduate, and recently got accepted to Graduate School. He was one of the happiest people I've ever known, and when we heard the news...