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help me

  1. Skyler Stiner

    Plenty of fish in the sea

    Hey Im new to this site and nobody knows me but i think I will feel better if someone talks back. I have been on probation for a couple months now in <mod edit - Location> and I feel like crap. Everyone I used to talk to no longer cares about me and I cant seem to feel valued in new...
  2. Bl00dStaindSn0w

    How does one live life without friends?

    Face to face interaction is needed daily for a healthy life. But what is one to do if everyone abandons me, us, because we just need more help than the next person? What did we do to deserve such maltreatment? Is respect a luxury? Is being loved a luxury? If so, then what is this life that we...
  3. J

    Birthdays, Depression and Suicide - How to cope up?

    Does anyone feel anxious, more depressed, and tired in general during the upcoming days of their birthday? My birthday is coming up in a couple days and I have no idea how to cope with it. I have this crippling fear in my heart regarding my future and I just can't bear to be present on my...
  4. madridland

    I need to tell my friends...

    2 of my friends are currently mad at me and and aren't talking with me. One is my roommate which makes it really hard. I'm really struggling and need help from my friends though but since their mad at me I feel like I can't bring my feelings of depression and thoughts of suicide up to them...
  5. I

    //*/*/When I think I'm feeling better\*\*\\

    When I think I am feeling better in life, that small voice the back of my head tells me otherwise. It tells me how shit I am and that no one cares for me. My husband works on the road, so we don't get to talk often. When we do talk on the phone -were not even talking - he completely ignores me...
  6. J

    I can’t kill myself

    I used to have everything, a Girlfriend, Good Grades, friends and I’ve lost it all within the space of a month, everyone says I’m going nowhere and to be frank. I’m not. I want to die but I can’t kill my self, I’m too much of a coward to do so
  7. Prussia

    I need a friend

    My depression and anxiety have been tag-teaming a lot lately and I thought I was finally making progress, but here I am at 3am, thinking of new ways to kill myself and unable to stop crying or sleep. I really, really need a close friend to help me. I've tried over the last few months to reach...
  8. MxsticMagix

    Just need some advice. Please.

    So. I kinda feel stupid writing this, like somebody is actually going to take an interest in helping me, but here I go anyway. Lets start with my life. I live a pretty good life actually. I'm part of a loving Christian family. The thing is, they're all homophobic. Every single person around me...
  9. MommyOf1

    The news makes me anxious

    This probably sounds ridiculous but watching or hearing the news adds to my anxiety and I don't know how to avoid it. Every time, I turn on the television I see something about an armed gunman shooting up a mall or a public place and envision myself being at that place getting shot. I don't...
  10. imalone


    Today was back to school after 2 weeks off, most people just hate going back because of learning, but its different with me. I'm scared to walk the halls without being pushed over or insulted, I'm scared to put my hand up in lessons for fear of being wrong and being made fun of, I'm scared to be...