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I dont know

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My entire life can be summed up as a series of miseries with occasional short breaks never lasting more than a few months.

-Big brother would hit me as soon as I could crawl (video evidence)
-Dad had bad temper...
-Just as my dad started easing off I started getting bullied at school
-FINALLY taught my brother the price of beating me up my whole life (he never did it again) just to have my dad start picking on my sister so bad that I was suddenly p laying parent to her because our mum shut down long ago.
-Went to university and got hit with suicidal friends and clinical depression
-Year of hell (2010, best friend died, mental breakdown, nearly dropped out of uni etc)
-Got out of Uni 2 years late and couldn't get a job
-Lost my apartment and moved back in with my dad just as his wife left him so I get to take care of the guy who beat me when I was small
-FINALLY get a job!!
-Fired 3 months later for the biggest bullshit reasons I ever heard of.

Obviously I skipped a lot of steps including attending funeral of uncle 3 days before I was fired or 3 bouts of kidney stones in the past 5 years or having 0 friends because I dont have time anymore because of the crap I have to put up with, being rejected by my first love, my brother putting my head in a TV, my sister burying a pencil in my knee, my bad hip due to the mother of all falls, and of course I cant wear t-shirts anymore because the cuts on my arm aren't healing fast enough.

Hell, I have 4 scars on my face alone, I have even technically been stabbed twice.

I'm a 26 year old and my life is a total mess, I feel physically sick because of the rage and misery I am holding in, I am desperate to take all this out on someone even if it is just myself, I just dont know anymore.


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Sorry to read life has been very hard for you. If you finished university you did very well considering all the pressure. Remember you're still young and things can change totally over time with effort and a little luck.

Take care
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