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I am trying to pull myself out of an emotional funk and have decided to give out some food to people. I plan to give it to people through street outreach. I need a good name for my plan and I can't think of one. I was thinking something related to unicorns but the ideas came out all wrong. I take full accountability for the fact that I could get arrested giving homeless people food so none of you are enabling me in any way. I have decided this is what I want to do. I am asking people's help in picking a name for the giveaway/ program. Maybe this does not sound suicide related but I fight ideations by trying to get motivated over something, like giving.
I think it's a great idea to try to help.

I think there are grocery stores that are willing to give away food to food banks, but there's not always someone available to pick up and deliver the food, so maybe that is something that you would like to do. The stores will want some confirmation that you are delivering the food...idk, maybe they would call the food bank. I think stores like Whole Foods will give bread away once it gets past a certain age. So if you wanted to do that, you could find a food bank in your area.

I guess that wasn't what you were asking for, but I thought you might be interested in that.

I suppose you wouldn't really need a name in order to give out food, or have a formal organization.

I sometimes give food to homeless people. They might prefer something that is sealed up rather than other things that might be tampered with. There may be some homeless organizations/food banks that could advise you.

Something that doesn't promote diabetes, or other conditions that homeless people might have, might be the best choices for food to give away.

Sometimes just treating people like humans is more valuable than the food itself.

A name...Unicorn Food Bank? Unicorn of Plenty?
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