I'm coming back on this forum after more than two years, only to share with you all this fact: things get better. The sun shines again. Daylight rushes in again. Flowers bloom again, and people smile again. This might seem like some kind of poetic cliche stuff, but trust me, situations change.

When I first came here at the age of 15, I was so depressed, so suicidal. I couldn't stop the thoughts rushing in my head, and I could barely function. Now, just a month before I turn 18, I can say this proudly: I survived suicide twice, and I'm a survivor.

And I feel tears wetting my face when I revisit my dreaded memories. True, I developed voices in my head during this time, and they still exist inside me, but I chose help instead of trying to die again. Instead of choosing suicide again, I opened a suicide prevention page on Instagram, and helped a few people who needed someone to talk to.

Without the help of my parents and my psychologists and psychiatrist, I would've been nowhere close to the form I am in now. Guys, if you think that you can't find anyone else to confide in, then please realize that YOU are the one who can help yourself the most. You are born for a reason, and suicide is not that. Trust me, it took me years to realize that, and now, even though I occasionally have suicidal thoughts, I hold myself up together and take a deep breath, and do what makes me happy.

Please do what makes you happy. If you think about it, then suicide isn't something that would make you happy. It's not even worth your last resort. You're a precious, unique, and amazing human being, and your loss would mean something so someone who you won't even realize would be affected by it. I don't mean to fill you with guilt, because I know, that feeling is the worst. I've been through it, so I would understand.

So brace yourself up, dust your knees, and stand up again. You have a long way to go!

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