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Is it normal for

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Hello I am new to the site,
I had a relapse in cutting lately and I have a question that may sound stupid to others....
Is it normal for my skin to give off bad heat?
No I do not mean the cuts and there stinging I mean burn as in when someone touches them the heat even bothers them.
I recently had a slip up a couple times threw out this month and when I do I generally do more then one at a time.
(OCD cutter, None of my cuts are deep, no band aids needed)
sometimes my skin swells after and I can't see the marks till the next day but not to long after doing them my arm is on fire to touch and if someone touches my arm it burns them.
They are not infected... Is this normal?
It takes a few days to pass and sometimes they get so hot my face flushes and I need a fan and cold things to bring down the heat.
I don't remember it being like this in the past.
(Everything I use is clean as well)

I came this info anywhere and I get paranoid that I am allergic but you can't be allergic to cutting, I been using the same type of instrument to do the deed since I first began so I don't think it could be that?

***Side info, I have been cutting since 12 and am now 26, I do see a therapist and psychiatrist but I am not completely reformed from my behaviour yet but am trying and have my moments. I OCD cut when I do and I hope people understand what I mean, I don't want to say what I mean as I am not sure if it breaks the rules.


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I have to agree with @Rockclimbinggirl
I think you would be best off asking a doctor. If you don't want to tell them that it's a result of SH, you could just tell them that it was a one off and you are concerned that it may be a problem.
I would say that you mention it to your therapist and psychiatrist though. Not so much the burning but the fact that you are self harming.

Also, welcome to SF. Feel free to ask anything you like. No one will judge or ridicule you. You're accepted just the way you are. Take care :)
:( I don't think I should tell my regular doc as it would be my first time seeing her and it isn't till June.
the place my regular Doc is is associated with a nearby hospital and I don't trust them after a doctor tried to have me commies because I said I have fear of certain food dyes, they told the psych ward I was not eating :mad: the doc took it how she wanted so I had to go all the way to a ward against my will to be discharged hours later that same day by them apologizing for what the doc dis, as fear of CERTAIN foods especially a small group is not grounds for a forced psych commitment!

As far as my psych even though she knows I relapse I don't think she understands what I mean by OCD cutting (10 to 12 cuts in perfect lines about 2inches lomg, and since I am off on length and amount I am also OCD on the fact one arm can't be clean and the other not! It drives me nuts so I have to do both arms, top, bottom and aeoundo_O)
I hope that description is allowed to convey what I am saying as it crossed my mind could it be that 13 or so cute next to each other (not touching) be what causes the heat?
Then again ;) so far nobody's heard of the skin being hot, I touch my husband's face during a hug this morning and he jumped cause he said it was hot.
If I show up to a therapist or regular doc with so many cuts at one time they are bound to put me away!
I just really hate not matching and being uneven, not sure if others have that issue but I call it OCD type.

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@FacelessDoll if you are safe it isn't necessarily reason to be committed. I actually really get what you mean although I don't do that. And when I would cut, um, it was a lot more than just that. Not deep or dangerous, just constant. If you ask your psychiatrist, you'd probably get the best answer.
Good luck!
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