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Jack (an original poem)

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There once was a boy who had an ability,
To be able to see things that others could not see,
He went by the name of jack,
His friends whispered behind his back,
For they thought he was crazy,
To be able to see things that they could not see,
The monsters and ghouls taunted him,
But during the day was when it got grim,
They would push him to the ground,
However, jack would not make a sound,
For he wanted people the believe he was normal,
That he could not see the paranormal,
They were everywhere he went,
Everyday was torment,
Jack's parents were correctly worried,
One night they heard a scream and hurried,
To his room just to see,
A strange black shape that would be,
Their child cowering in fear on the floor,
They picked him up and hurried to the door,
They drove to the hospital,
For the hope that their child was just a bit ill,
Jack closed his eyes,
Heard a few cries,
Then all went still,
For Jack was severely ill,
There once was a boy with an ability,
To be able to see things that they could not see,
And now he saved kids with the same gift as him,
In the hopes that their life would not be as grim.

This was my first poem i wrote when I was 10. I know it sucks lol. Everything I write has a secret meaning to it, so if you want to guess it in the comment, feel free to!


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Great work!!! : )
Would love to see what you’ve written lately—
p.s.) I’m terrible with meanings..;) / but sometimes it’s better ‘not knowing,’ almost; in a way: (keeps the mystery alive!). :D
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