Learning about my triggers

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    Ok so I learned something about myself in the past year and I wanna let it out here about personal "triggers". People always tell me talking helps and it does but some topics upset me and it has a negative effect. I have social anxiety and depression so for me, if you talk about or pressure me about why I don't have friends or why I'm so quiet it kind of triggers me and I feel like a failure. This has happened lately and I've picked up on it. I think another is when the therapist asks me, am I suicidal? so of course I say yes and then he ask me do I have plans to harm myself and what are they? That's when I freeze up and I don't wanna talk about it. It's a combination of being extremely uncomfortable and also knowing if I say anything a about my imagined plan they'd send me to a hospital for sure because I'd be to much of a risk. I just wonder why do we have these triggers go off when we are in a safe environment and someone just asks a question or brings up a certain topic ?
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    We are like the same